Building a cloud platform using AWS for data analysis of Digital Library

"Librarians build many digital library repositories to store and manage their collections. They also develop analysis tools to analyze user activities and understand how the users using their service. With the rapid development of the cloud computing, we can build these tools more efficiently and don’t need to implement everything from scratch. In this talk, we present how we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a cloud platform to process digital library datasets and service logs, generate user activity reports, and explore more customized and granular insights. We also illustrate several AWS services we used and demonstrate our approaches to handle dataset - including our digital library dataset, open research data and service (e.g. DSpace, Samvera, and Fedora) logs. Last, we share our experience on architecting cloud platform in AWS, design strategies and best practices to process digital library dataset and retrieve results in a cost-effectiveness way."


11:50 AM
20 minutes