One step at a time: Laying the groundwork for Linked Data with URIs

"Although libraries have spent many years discussing and preparing for it, linked data in our library catalogs remains an overwhelming and confounding technology to many, including the technical services staff creating and maintaining catalog data. Using a philosophy of project based learning and iterative experimentation, NCSU Libraries conducted a pilot project to take a step towards catalog linked data: adding URIs. Many libraries are preparing their catalogs for linked data by inserting URIs into MARC records. This is such an important step towards linked data that the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) formed a Task Group on URIs in MARC. This presentation shares the methods and results of a pilot project with two goals: 1) assess the viability and scalability of adding URIs to MARC using a) SirsiDynix Symphony APIs, and b) MarcEdit; and 2) engage all 22 members of the Acquisitions & Discovery department in a linked data project that creates a dataset ripe for further linked data experimentation while teaching the importance of URIs in an linked data environment. This project also ties into a larger plan for linked data experimentation and learning at NCSU libraries."


01:40 PM
15 minutes