Creating Data Dashboards using Angular and D3.js

Library-generated data related to space utilization, technology utilization, and other primary services can be a main source of insight into the current state of operations. However, if trapped in spreadsheets and on server logs, the data is difficult to evaluate, and often remains unevaluated. Web-based data dashboards provide a platform independent way of incorporating this data into a near realtime visual summary.

In this hands on workshop we will utilize the web framework Angular and the visualization library D3.js to walk participants through the creation of a sample data dashboard application. Benefits of using the Angular framework include reusable components, two-way data binding, and access to command line tools which simplify code generation. D3.js provides a feature-rich library for crafting personalized and modular visualizations.

This sample application will highlight the best of both of these tools. When used together, they create a dynamic, interactive data dashboard that could be used to display a wide variety of relevant institutional metrics. While designed as a brief overview of both of these tools, previous experience with JavaScript would be helpful.



Omni Shoreham Hotel