Impostor Syndrome & Us (led by an Impostor)

Impostor syndrome is a drag. You think you aren't good enough to do what you do, even if there's a wealth of information refuting that. Maybe you feel lost, alone, and afraid while doing specific parts of your job. If this is a thing that feels familiar to you, come to this workshop! We'll get some group therapy in, I'll tell you some sweet (read: terrifying) stories from my own professional experience, and I'll give you some great resources for battling that "I should be quiet in the corner" mentality.

Am I qualified to lead this workshop? Probably not (I struggle with this every day), but I also think there should be something for people like us at every professional conference.

You'll learn:

  1. What impostor syndrome really is and how it affects your life and work.
  2. That there are more people than you think who suffer from this.
  3. How to help others who struggle with this.
  4. Resources on how to deal with this/overcome this.
  5. Why you shouldn't pin everything on 'luck'.



Northeast Library