ISLE: Islandora Installation Simplified

An introduction to the mechanics of ISLE, including a demo of new systems creation and existing systems maintenance processes. ISLE separates an institution's customizations from systems software, moving those components into containers that are easily updated. This simplifies and largely automates the processes of installation and maintenance for Islandora/Fedora environments. While this workshop will focus on building a local development environment, ISLE also delivers a production-ready and security-hardened platform.

For institutions considering migrating from a proprietary digital repository to a Fedora-based open source collections management platform, ISLE offers an appealing jump-start alternative to Samvera's "HykuDirect." For institutions already using Islandora, ISLE is expected to cut maintenance costs in half and improve overall security.

This workshop will provide a thorough walkthrough of the project and system usage, a public ISLE demonstration, and an optional, friendly and hands-on opportunity to use ISLE to install a full Islandora stack on your laptop. Sufficient information will be provided for all participants to make an informed decision about whether ISLE would be beneficial at their institution.



Omni Shoreham Hotel