Transforming MARC and Metadata into RDF-based Applications

While MARC still remains the authoritative data source for library catalogs, projects like the Library of Congress's Marc2Bibframe2 and BIBCAT are among the first tools in extracting data out of MARC records into RDF BIBFRAME triples. The conversion process produces BIBFRAME RDF data that must be cleaned, sorted, and linked to the web. This working session provides a hands-on experience in manipulating linked-data using the BIBFRAME RDF vocabulary in building cataloging and bibliographic applications. Other topics include mapping BIBFRAME to for search engine indexing and the challenges in the conversion process, such as resolving locally constructed entities to external IRIs. We will also cover the uses of BIBCAT and RDF Maps to extract data from non-RDF sources like MODS XML, CSV, JSON feeds, and SPARQL endpoints to BIBFRAME and triples.



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